Naoto Shinohara Community ecology


Under review and/or preprints

In press
  • Kobayashi Y, Haga C, Shinohara N, Nishizawa K, Mori AS. in press Dominant temperate and subalpine Japanese trees have variable photosynthetic thermal optima according to site mean annual temperature. Global Ecology and Biogeography [link]

  • 2023
  • Shinohara N, Nakadai R, Suzuki Y, Terui A. 2023 Spatio-temporal dimensions of community assembly. Population Ecology 65:5–16 (Editor's choice) [link]

  • 2022
  • Kasada M., Uchida K., Shinohara N. Yoshida T. 2022 Ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction can benefit biodiversity conservation in a Japanese agricultural landscape. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 10:699201 [link]
  • Nishizawa K.†, Shinohara N.†, Cadotte MW., Mori AS. 2022 († equal contribution) The latitudinal gradient in plant community assembly processes: A meta-analysis. Ecology Letters 25:1711–1724 [link]
  • Shinohara N., Hongo Y., Ichinokawa M., Nishijima S., Sawayama S., Kurogi H., Uto Y., Mita H., Ishii M., Kusano A., Akimoto S. 2022 Similar fish species composition despite larger environmental heterogeneity during severe hypoxia in a coastal ecosystem. Ecology and Evolution 12:e8884 [link]

  • 2021
  • Shinohara N., Yoshida T. 2021 Temporal changes of local and regional processes in the assembly of herbivorous insect communities. Oikos 130(10): 1626–1635 (Editor's choice) [link]
  • 篠原直登・山道真人 2021 群集生態学における共存理論の現代的統合 日本生態学会誌 71:2 35–65 [link]
    (Shinohara, N., M. Yamamichi. A modern synthesis of coexistence theories in community ecology. 2021 Japanese Journal of Ecology 71:2 35-65 [in Japanese])
  • Shinohara N., Yoshida T. 2021 Why species richness of plants and herbivorous insects do or do not correlate. Ecological Research 36:258–265 [link]

  • 2019
  • Shinohara N., Uchida K., Yoshida T. 2019. Contrasting effects of land-use changes on herbivory and pollination networks. Ecology and Evolution 9(23): 13585–13595[link]