Naoto Shinohara Community ecology

Disentangling Community Assembly

In ecosystems, community structures (diversity, species composition) are determined by multi-scale processes. My research motivation is to answer the question to what extent local and regional processes co-operate in community assembly. Despite specific interests in mutli-trophic contexts (e.g., plants and insects), I am excited to tackle the question in a broad range of ecosystems.
(ref. Shinohara and Yoshida 2021, Shinohara and Yoshida in press, Shinohara et al. 2021)

Human Impacts on Plant-Insect Interaction Networks

As one of the greatest threads to global biodiversity, land-use changes have unappreciated effects on communities by altering the ways species are interacting (the structures of interaction networks). I'm exploring the mechanisms and consequences of human land-use changes on interaction networks in agricultural landscapes.
(ref. Shinohara et al. 2019)